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So june had come and the weather is just amazing I cannot believe the weather showed some improvement, so lately working on art has been slow so very slow "So here is were I got involved in something that might fly over your heads"lol but true, so here I wanted to explore into other things of another nature besides drawing and here is were it get's bizarre one day I was watching "ghost adventures" because it just blows my mind that "spirits" enter our world and freely move around as they please or some can be trapped whatever the case maybe, so I got very intrigued in the world of the paranormal and wanted to explore and see for myself to see if it was real or just another "youtube joke" somewhere around (2:00 a.m I uploaded a program onto my laptop the "Recordpad" recorder just to find out for myself if is true because I have been  having crazy and twisted nightmares to the point were I can no longer sleep <yeah lol it's true! anyway my bro told me along time ago that he was attacked in my room no less? I wondered if had been drinking beer in my room while I was away! anyhow here is were it got weird he told me that something "hissed" in his ear the room was pitch black and as he woke up in a panic he saw two red glowing eye's watching him from the door frame there was no door since I removed it because it was busted well, here is the point were I had to question his sanity either he was fooling or trying to really creep me out! this happened to him while I was out camping with some friends, I told him haha good one but it won't work but even my neighbor even spoke of an insane story that a couple had sacrificed a child in the house before we moved in, I had shrugged it off like it wasn't nothing like maybe she's just mental forward to 2013 in the late summer I got into a relationship with my  girl Jeannie whiteheart) now my "Ex" anyway she had explained to me or tried to before running out of my room screaming her head off! I was getting to think there was something there and maybe I was wondering if it could happen! so forwarding to june/2014/ was working with this program recorpad" and I ended getting results but the thing is I never asked if there were ghost or spirits in my room no questions so I let my computer record as I was keeping myself busy cleaning smoking cigs playing some max payne on ps2 while mute my room easly get's heated so I went to open both windows that overlook my front yard it was quiet no cars passing by no one to distract me so here I let it run for a total of 8minutes when I played it back this voice caught my attention as I was walking threw the room a woman's voice said "HOT HOT" and I went to open the window it had said it twice again I was amazed by this but thought it could be explained by some reason but as the days went by with hardly any food and keeping my focus torwards these events more things started to happen over the next several days, second voice I discovered was a male whom apparently didn't like me to much but I began to find out some things about him but shortly he wouldn't talk anymore and hated the fact that I recorded him "nothing personal" well this was on the 3rd of july more conversations began to happen without warning and some were even odd? but on the 4th of july around 1200 am they said my name though I couldn't hear this with my own ears I listened to the playback and sure enough that my name was being called out I was shocked but I was also overjoyed that they were communicating and such, but later that night I got to curious about what happened to my brother so I asked the question that I shouldn't of and I only wished that I hadn't now I am paying for it even my new girlfriend stopped coming around because she was to scared to get involved and these things I am referring to I won't mention cause it disturbs my piece of mind now my home feels more like a prison I was thinking about posting some of these sessions that had me on edge for sometime now, I had lost my way of thinking when it came to drawing I am depressed almost everyday now and I even avoid my own room most of the time but due to my internet connection being upstairs I have to except it and have to face the fact that now I feel stupid for letting a "demon" unless it has been here for along time but finally came out of hiding because of my careless actions but anyways I will try to post some of my evp's on to my youtube account and you be the judge of what you here oh and if so please be respectful on the commenting board! well i just finished up with the video and here is the link to my post on youtube 
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